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Wellness Intervention

Salma's wellness intervention approach is holistic. She draws upon a range of evidence-based strategies, including CBT, Grief and Trauma-Informed Therapy, Emotion-Focused and Solution-Focused, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and Acceptance
. She finds it is much more effective to customize treatment to meet the diverse
needs of each client.

Depending on your needs Salma may work closely with a trained Occupational
Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Registered Dietician among other professionals.

Salma provides services in English, Gujarati, Katchi and Hindi.


*Pre-approved referrals are accepted from insurance companies. Referrals from the Victim Services, Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for First Nations and Inuit, and post-secondary students are also accepted.


Individual Therapy

Life can be overwhelming with emotional turmoil accompanied by feelings of loneliness and isolation. Professional support can increase your coping mechanism and enhance your resilience. Salma provides a space where you can safely unpack feelings or painful memories in order to take charge of your healing journey.

Intimate relationships can be challenging. Communication is one of the main barriers interfering with couples’ relations causing conflict or unnecessary stress. Salma works in collaboration with couples to strengthen their communication skills, express unresolved challenges, and overcome relationship hurdles. The objective of the couples therapy is to build a healthy and meaningful life where each member feels heard and respected.

Couples Therapy

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss can be devastating. It can cause stress and anxiety in addition to the patterns of pain and feelings of sadness.  As an integrative therapist, Salma combines different approaches to grief therapy.  Grief and Loss therapy can help you to tap your inner strengths required to develop resilience.


Traumatic life events are inevitable. Daily functioning is distracted due to lingering anxiety, fear, nightmares, flashbacks, depression, and avoidance caused by symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress. With her extensive experience in trauma therapy, Salma can help you to overcome the underlying emotions caused by various forms of trauma while building healthy coping mechanisms required in moving forward with life.

Family Therapy

Families at times experience a rough patch caused by communication conflict, choices of lifestyle, intergenerational challenges, parenting, and many more expected or unexpected daily stressors and events.  In her practice, Salma works with families to identify the underlying causes of family problems in order to make the family dynamic a much healthier place to live.

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